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The White Queen

Her given name is Mirana of Marmoreal. She is stated to be the rightful ruler of Underland, but her eldest sister Iracebeth, The Red Queen, ursurped and claimed the crown as her own. The film makes no reference to a White King, and as such it is likely this version of the White Queen is unmarried and rules alone. It is interesting to note that she is able to complete the potion that allows Alice to shrink by spewing in her own "Wishful Thinking" for the final instillment of the needed ingredient. When she moves, she does so gracefully, giving the illusion that she is perpetually dancing. In Tarrant's flashback, she was at Hightopp village when the Jabberwocky burned it down. She was led out of the village, but lost her crown out of confusion. She is later seen when Bayard comes to tell her that Alice is at the Red Queen's castle at Salazen Grum. She forgives him as Alice will also find the Vorpal sword. When Alice goes to Marmoreal on the Bandersnatch, she hands over Mirana the Vorpal sword, which is now with the armor. Since Alice is too big, she makes Pishsalver with disgusting ingredients. After Alice drinks it, she becomes the right size. She is then at the chessboard-like battlefield with her army when she gives Iracebeth one more chance for peace, but she declines. Mirana then set forth her chosen champion Alice to battle the Jabberwocky. After Alice slays the Jabberwocky, she reclaims her crown and banishes Iracebeth and the Knave to the Outlands.

It is also to note that Alice referenced "six impossible things before breakfast" twice in the film. The six impossible things are...
  • Number 1: There's a potion that can make you shrink (Pishsalver)
  • Number 2: and a cake that can make you grow (Upelkuchen)
  • Number 3: Animals can talk.
  • Number 4: Cats can disappear (The Cheshire Cat)
  • Number 5: There's a place called Wonderland.
  • Number 6: I (Alice) can slay the Jabberwocky.